17 MAR

BBC Interview with Tim Berners-Lee

The BBC news website currently has an article and a video of an interview with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web.

He talks about privacy concerns with Internet usage tracking and makes an analogy with supermarket loyalty cards, which are used to gather information about people's shopping habits.

A company called Phorm will track the net usage of people using Talk Talk, BT, and Virgin Internet services, and will display adverts based on this usage. A similar approach is used by companies such as Google which uses targeted advertising in their Gmail e-mail service. What makes Phorm different (and worrying) is that they are working at the ISP level which means that all web activity will be tracked.

On a more positive note, he also talks about Web Science, a subject which studies the web and tries to guide future development.

BBC News - Web creator rejects net tracking