27 FEB

Nine Inch Nails

NIN Manchester
Trent Reznor - 25/2/2007

Managed to see Nine Inch Nails play in Manchester at the Apollo on Sunday. Just one word - Amazing!

I've seen them a couple of times before (both times in London) but this most recent show had by far the best set list I've seen live. It included three of my favourite tracks of all time: Ruiner, Burn and Eraser.

From the quiet vocals of Something I Can Never Have, to the screams of Eraser, Trent Reznor was on fine form throughout the whole 22 track set.

There was a seriously large amount of dry ice at the start of the gig, you could barely make them out on the stage! This cleared up soon enough though - maybe they overestimated the size of the place!

I arrived home on Monday to find the new NIN "Beside You In Time" DVD I pre-ordered had arrived. I've not had chance to watch it properly yet but it seems to be a fitting reminder of this NIN era.