24 MAY

Bad Luck

Some plain bad luck occurred when someone crashed into my car while it was parked. Well, perhaps more precisely: some idiot crashed into another unfortunate person's car with such force that its wheels buckled and it smashed into mine. Then they sped off, leaving the scene of the accident. Someone thankfully got their number plate.

It's not the car that bothers me - it's the hassle. Although my car is now fixed up I had to fork out for the insurance excess and will likely temporarily lose my no claims discount (which is at its maximum) until everything is resolved by the police and my insurance company.

On the exact same day the windscreen on my car developed a huge crack when hit by a small stone on the motorway. No huge deal, but again, expense and hassle.

My niece has broken her leg! Poor little thing, it really can't be nice having a full leg in plaster. She's doing well even though she's frustrated and bored, unable to run around like normal.

More posts very soon! (Hopefully!)