22 JAN

IE7 to be Automatically Installed

Microsoft will add Internet Explorer 7 to its auto-update system on 12th February 2008, and warns companies that want to stick with IE6 that they need to take action.

Web developers that use IE6 on Windows XP for testing should watch out for this as once the update completes, they could find that there is no way back to IE6.

After this date the number of IE7 installations around the world will increase sharply and although web developers will still have to support IE6 for some time yet, at least this is the beginning of the end.

Try Firefox!

Internet Explorer is just one of the many web browsers available, but as it is embedded into the Windows operating system it is often the only browser that most people know about.

I'll take this opportunity to recommend that people consider using the Firefox browser. It's standards compliant, secure and free.