Tinley House (2007)

Tinley House Website
Tinley House Website


Noel Durdant-Hollamby & Peter Fleming started Tinley House in 2007, selling a wide range of high quality cookware.

The e-commerce enabled website was designed, implemented and launched to coincide with the opening of the retail shop in Sevenoaks, Kent.

EPOS Integration

A method of exporting the website data to the EPOS system was required, involving the periodic conversion of data. A custom software tool was created to translate data between two databases with differing structures.

Domain Names and Web Hosting

A website hosting company was recommended and assistance was given to transfer and consolidate existing domain names. This made management simpler and more cost-effective.

For secure checkout and administrative systems, a secure certificate was created and installed allowing SSL connections to the site.

Client Quote

Nina designed and integrated our e-commerce site. We could say we were 'happy' with what she did but that wouldn't do her overall work ethic and skill justice. Every once in a blue moon you meet somebody who meets your standards; we happily add Nina to that list. At the top. We wish her every success and thank her greatly for her ongoing support.

— Noel Durdant-Hollamby and Peter Fleming, www.tinleyhouse.com.