The Bank of New York (2005)

The Bank of New York required an animated sequence involving their logo, combined with a number of key statements and imagery. The animation was used in a number of places and as part of an exhibition stand.

Key Technologies

  • 3D Modeling and rendering using Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Compositing and editing using Adobe After Effects

I came up with the idea of separating out the components of the logo to create a tunnel effect with a camera zooming in and out. This allowed for the bar elements of the logo to be used as backgrounds for the captions and images.

The 3D elements were animated and rendered in high resolution using Maxon Cinema 4D and then imported into Adobe After Effects as four individual video clips. Reverse sequences were created from these clips for the zoom-outs. The additional text and imagery was then composited at the appropriate points.

The final sequence was prepared in DVD video format (letterbox and anamorphic widescreen) as well as a variety of computer video formats.