John Kingston Estate Agent (2008)

John Kingston
John Kingston Estate Agent Website

John Kingston is a well established estate agent based in Sevenoaks, Kent.

The website was produced in conjunction with Tranzmission Design, who provided the design visuals, created Flash-animated aspects of the site, and managed the project.

Standards-based XHTML and CSS

The website was implemented according to web standards. This allows the site to be viewable on a broad range of browsers and devices in addition to making the site search engine friendly.

XML Parsing and Integration

The site communicates behind the scenes to an external service, retrieving information that is then processed and customised to fit the look and feel of the site exactly.

Property details are retrieved using server-side HTTP requests that are made to an API provided by a third party company that specialises in software and services for estate agents.

The XML response is parsed on-the-fly and custom XHTML is generated, allowing standards-based markup and a custom design to be implemented without visual compromise.

The property search is also implemented using server-side XML API calls.

Content Management

A bespoke CMS was created to allow the estate agent to manage aspects of the website. The CMS also augments the data provided by the third party API, enabling additional features and functionality.

Google Maps

The Google maps API is used for displaying both property locations and the area covered by John Kingston. An area overlay is presented using the polygon tools available in the API.